Design Samples

Wellness@Maryland Newsletter Project

This was my final project for News Editing for Public Relations class. Wellness@Maryland is a campus organization, and it provides tips promoting healthy-life style for University of Maryland students and faculties. I focused on UMD Smoke-Free campaign and designed a newsletter for it. Then when I presented this newsletter to the actual organization of Wellness@Maryland, they wanted me to create a blog page, and it was published on Oct. 10.

Below are class projects I worked in Communication and Digital media class. I used Adobe InDesign CS6 and Illustrator CS6, and Photoshop CS6 for all projects.

My assigned company was Hagstrom Electronics, Inc., which manufactures keyboard encoders and other tools necessary to interface with input devices.

I designed and created everything from scratch.

Company’s logo

Blue and gray were my two primary colors as they are associated with high-tech, security and professionalism. I used shapes that resemble a circuit board and keyboard keys to remind people that my company specializes in producing keyboard encoders.

Business Card

Instead of using a traditional format, I thought it would be more interesting to use unusual but meaningful shapes to convey the contact information. So I used a keyboard layout  for my business card. Because Hagstrom Electronics Inc. ships its products, the internet address is the most important, so it is slightly bigger than the other information.

Envelope, Letterhead

These are stationery set. I incorporated the keyboard idea here again, and added watermarks of circuit board shapes.


This would be an invitation for VIPs to persuade them to attend an event hosted by Hagstrom Electronics, Inc. The keyboard buttons on the first page would be embossed to resemble an actual keyboard. The third page has the necessary information, and the last page is designed to appear like a back of a keyboard.

Ad Campaign

The two black advertisements are business-card size and meant to be printed on newspapers. The color ad is a full-page ad is also for print media.


As my final project, I designed a catalog for subscribers.


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